Funding for land purchases or leasing is often difficult to locate, but resources do exist to help aspiring farmers:

  • Potential Loan financing:
  • California Farmlink:
    • FarmLink's direct lending currently features loans from $2,500 to $650,000, with flexible withdrawal and no early repayment penalties, that can be used for production (one-year seasonal operating loans) or for equipment and infrastructure (multi-year loans). Their loans have 7% interest, and 2% orgination fees.
    • FarmLink offers land loans up to $650,000 for purchase and refinance. 
    • They also work closely with FSA (Farm Service Agency), banks, credit unions and other lenders to refer farmers to other sources of financing that FarmLink cannot yet provide, including land loans.
  • Kiva Zip fundraising: The NCRC&DC is also a Kiva.Zip sponsor (Trustee), and successfully helped a new entrepreneur achieve their micro-loan goal in less than a week of fundraising.  If you need a startup loan for a sound project, check out Kiva Zip.