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The non-profit NCRC&DC is serving without charge as the fiscal sponsor for the January 6 Spaghetti Feed fundraiser being held by the Mark West Community Pre-School to raise funds to re-build the pre-school destroyed in the Tubbs fire of October 2017. Donations made to the Pre-School Fire Recovery effort go 100% to the Rebuild Mark West Pre-School, except for any credit card or PayPal processing fees. Donations made to the NCRC&DC for this fundraiser are tax deductible.  If you would prefer to support this effort by check, then please make your check out to the NCRC&DC and make a note on the check that it is for the Mark West PreSchool Fire Fund, and mail it to the NCRC&DC, P.O. Box 6417, Santa Rosa, CA 95406.

You can donate easily online by clicking oin the link below:


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Are you wanting to be a change-maker?

Do you want to fight climate change, environmental degradation, and also help make our local communities stronger?

Perhaps you are retired and wanting to give back?

Or maybe you want to learn new skill sets?

The NCRC&DC seeks capable volunteers who can give a few hours every week to help us with our programs:

 (a) Worm Wizards of Waste ( which is an environmental education program to address climate change by diverting waste from methane-producing landfills through composting of school food scrap waste--we provide school curriculum, classroom presentations, and set up a vermiculture composter on campus; (b) Rain Catchers ( is a rooftop rainwater collection and storage water conservation system provided free to schools (; (c) Bee Patches ( is a pollinator habitat planting that works with local youth to increase biodiversity and improve agricultural sustainability for crops dependent on pollination; and (d) Cultivating Commerce ( fosters sustainable communities through many activities including supporting new or expanded agricultural entrepreneurship to increase environmentally sound agriculture and the availability of local healthy foods.

 If any of this work interests you as a way to help your local community, please fill out the following form:


Volunteer Application

Would you like to volunteer for:*
Are you willing to drive to field sites?
When can you start?*
What Days of the Weeks Can You Work (check all that apply)?
What Time of Day can you work?
Optional: Attach a Copy of Your Experience (Resume or letter of introduction)
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Thank you so much for your interest!

Thank you for your submission to the Photography Competition!  The competition ends August 31, 2017, and you will be notified of the winners by September 23, 2017.